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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  April 21, 2014 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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>> reporter:now at eight >>. he may very well have scaled one of our security fences >> reporter: shocking breach at san jose international >>from a security standpoint it's very troubling. >> reporter:doctors dumbfounded by his five hour flight to hawaii in a landing gear wheel well >>usually you will pass out within a half hour and then
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die whoosh >> reporter:the latest on that deadly crash that shut down highway 85 northbound in cupertino. whoosh >> reporter:a bombshell from the warriors,,. they have bought this land for a new home, and it is not the site backed by san francisco mayor ed lee >>whoosh >> reporter:and a strong argument for carryon luggage >> reporter:the video that put a pair of air canada workers out of a job choice for prime time news. (male announcer): this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >> pam:now at 8-- >> pam:an extraordinary story. that could have had a very different ending. a santa clara teenager was able to get onto the tarmac at san jose minneta airport. and slip into a wheel well on a hawaiian airlines jetliner.
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>> reporter:the 15-year old flew from san jose to hawaii on sunday. and tonight -- as you might imagine. there are major concerns about airport security. >> pam:kron 4's j-r stone is live at san jose international airport tonight with the latest. and what federal officials are doing to prevent something like this from happening again. jr? >> reporter:now we'll orient ourselves a little. this is an overhead google earth view of the san jose airport. >> reporter:you can see the property. the fencing goes all the way around. >> reporter:it's unclear where the 15 year old hopped the fence. but along the north and south ends.the fencing is in a more remote area. harder maybe for someone to spot the teen scaling the fence. >> reporter:but once he did.he had to walk to the
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gate area here.where the planes are overnight >> reporter:now to the wheel well itself.on the plane.where this kid spent a five hour flight. it's this opening here. we have another angle. >> reporter:it's about six feet off the ground. >> reporter:we got a private tour today of a 727.silimar to the 767 in which the boy was hiding.but a little smaller. >> reporter:we're going to freeze the video can
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see inside the wheel well opening. >> reporter:roughly the size of a car's trunk. and once the wheels go back into the well.significantly less room in there. >> reporter:now a view from inside the wheel well. the opening to outdoors is there's not much space, but someone could find a space to lie down. >> reporter:that's the floor of the well.our camera tilts up.we can see all the electronics and hydraulics on the walls. >> reporter:and people have been fatally crushed by the wheels when they're tucked away after take-off. >> reporter:some have also fallen out when the droor *opens -- before landing.and the wheels come down.
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in this case.the 15-year old was said to be unconscious during the landing. so he must have been tucked away in a little nook that prevented gravity from talking him, down into the pacific ocean. >> reporter:and keep it here. more coverage on the teen stowaway ahead tonight. including how the 15-year old survived the five and a half hour flight. thousands of feet above sub-freezing temperatures.where the majority of people who have tried not make it. that story is coming up tonight at 8:30. >> pam:developing news in the south bay. two minors have been killed in a car crash on highway- 85 in cupertino. this is the scene from our helicopter partnership with abc 7. the crash happened near the de anza boulevard exit. kron 4's alecia reid is live at the scene tonight. alecia? >> reporter:we are waiting to hear the deat details
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regading their injuries. cars are starting to move although back up is expected for a while. >> pam:the warriors have scrapped their plans to build a waterfront arena along the embarcaderro. and now the team is planning to build on another piece of land in san francisco. this new spot is in mission bay. along third street near 16th. this is just south of a-t&t park.
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that's where kron 4's justine waldlman is live tonight with details. justine? >> reporter:just picture it an 18-thousand seat stadium right here. that is the plan! a source close to the project told me today "win for people who didn't like old site, win for people want the ws in sf, win for ws." >> reporter:it is a locked up and overgrown lot now. but in a few years this will become the new home of the golden state warriors. the team purchased the 12 acre site. on 3rd and 16th from for an undisclosed amount of money. it is just a few blocks from att park and has access to the muni t line. >> reporter:this location near medical buildings and dry docks is much different than the plan to build a waterfront arena along the embarcadero on pier 30-32. critics hated that idea saying it would hurt the environment, block views of the bay bridge and create terrible traffic. >> reporter:those with the sf waterfront alliance, the non-profit against the warriors building on the pier, applaud the warriors finding a new location on land.
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>>" we are elated that the warriors have abandoned plans to build on pier 30/32 and we also excited they are coming to sf. we have always said we welcome the warriors back to sf just not in that spot." >> reporter:san francisco mayor ed lee welcomed the warriors back to his city >> reporter:and offered his praise "this new site on privately-owned land in mission bay will provide a spectacular location and a more certain path to bring a transit-rich, state-of-the- art sports and entertainment arena to san francisco." he said >>"the new mission bay arena will generate new jobs and millions of dollars in new tax revenue for our city. this is a big win for our city. go warriors!" >> reporter:for people in mission bay. with the warriors ready to put roots down here it might mean they actually go to a nba basketball game in the new 18-thousand seat stadium.
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>> reporter: >>i work right here in this building so if it is convenient i will go check out a game with my co- workers sometime .. >> reporter: the warriors were supposed to be in sf on the pier by the 2017 season. now the plans are to be here in mission bay by 2018- 2019. >> reporter:we reached out to mayor jean quan's office's. and did not hear back. live in sf jw k4n. >> reporter: >> pam:p-g&e pleaded 'not guilty' in federal court today-- to charges stemming from the deadly san bruno blast. >> pam:the indictment alleges. the utility company knowingly violated safety requirements. a portion of a pipeline ruptured and caused an
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explosion and fire in 2010. the fireball killed eight people. injured dozens of others. and destroyed 38 homes. the utility company could face a six -million dollar fine, if convicted. company officials were not specifically named in the indictment. >> pam:p-g&e said. it does not believe any employee intentionally violated federal pipeline safety regulations. .. >> pam:new tonight at 8-- >> pam:we have an update on the investigation into the death of hiker in marin county last week. the body of 50-year-old marie sanner was discovered on april 17th. she was the second female hiker to die on mount tam in just the past month. kron 4's charles clifford is live tonight in the north bay with details. charles? >> reporter:well monday afternoon, the marin county
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sheriff's department released a statement saying that at this point they do not believe that foul play was a factor in the death marie sanner >> reporter:sanner, a mill valley resident, was reported missing on april 15th, her car and dog were found in a parking lot near mountain home inn along panoramic highway. search and rescue teams located her body the next day less than a mile from the parking lot. the sheriff's department said on monday that they are waiting for a toxicology report before announcing the exact cause of her death but that at this point they do not suspect foul play. >> reporter:sanner's was the second female hiker to disappear and die on mt tam in less than a month. just a few days prior the body of 33-year-old magdalena glinkowski was discovered along a trail near the bootjack parking lot. she was last seen alive in this security camera photograph which was taken on march 30th. >> reporter:in that case the sheriff's department has said that there were no obvious signs of trauma on glinkowski's boday. they are awaiting toxicology reports in that case as well. the sheriff's department has
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also said that at this point they have no reason to believe that the deaths of sanner and glinkowski are connected. >> reporter:anyone with information is asked to contact mt tamalpais state park or the marin county sheriff's department. in the north bay, charles clifford kron 4 news. later at eight. >> pam:a couple -- living in the lap of luxury -- now behind bars. what they are accused of. and their connection to the bay area. luggage handlers leave one carrier "saying sorry". more of this video that is ticking off some tame passengers. >> reporter:people behaving badly coming up! >> reporter: [doorbell rings]
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>> pam:police arrested at least 12 people during sunday 4/20 event. the annual marijuana celebration in san francsico's golden gate park. >> pam:the date -- 4/20. typically draws thousands of people to the park for a pot celebration. and leaves behind a big mess. >> pam:crews finished cleaning the park by mid-day today. today, city officials also announced that last year's pot party cost more than 10-thousand dollars to clean up. and new tonight at 8-- >> pam:our stanley roberts attended the big event yesterday. and as you can imagine. he did catch some people behaving badly.
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>>hey y'all going to have the munchies later on this was the greeting some people received just before they passed throught the tunnel to the magical land of 420 i have a varity of cinnimom toast crunch i have um cookie crisp >> reporter:where once you enter they seem to speak a different language >>nats jibberish . >> reporter:their native plant goes by the name cannibus and in the magical land of 240 cannibus is everywhere >>this is three ounces of gonza from the valley right here dang pops, edibles prerolled >> reporter:we out here in california and you know we doing this live you know fo sho fo sho rolling up >> reporter:the 420 market is heavily congested with people selling their goods and services to anyone inerested >> reporter:in the magical land of 420 they have the largest talking rabbits
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>>orange cream chocloate chip cookies uh cupcakes brownies and more >> reporter:this rabbit sounds like she's choking >>nats yea i'm really choking >> reporter:i ran across some of the indiginous people who appear to be friendly >> just enjoy life man this is fun >> reporter:though i have no idea what they are saying either some of the people in 420 >> land have found envioirmentally friendly ways to ingest canibus like this apple pipe then there was the pineapple and carrot pipe being first time >> reporter:i thought i caught one person hard at work studing aluminum composites but it turned out to be a total fake out >> reporter:the magical land
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of 420 is interesting because long before you enter you have to pass by this sign you know there is no smoking here right? >> reporter:the only way to get to 420 land is via 420 highway then turn left at the dab ironic >> huh? nats just dabbing >>nats: i am not responsible for anybody passing out >> reporter:for some people it's a ball, for me it's just like shooting fish in a barrel she always want to see people behaving badly in golden gate park stanley roberts kron 4 news >> reporter:the new fleet of bart trains is not even in service yet.but there is already a petition to change the design. >> reporter:some 49-ers fans are upset because they say the seats display seattle seahawks colors. >> reporter:a niner's fan out of stockton is so upset.he started a petition on change dot org. >> reporter:the petition says quote "please refrain from outfitting the seats in bart cars in neon green and blue."
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>> reporter:he calls the design "an outrage" and a "slap in the face of every san francisco 49-ers fan who rides bart". it has 15-hundred signatures at this point. we posted the story on our facebook page.where many people don't seem bothered by the idea of neon blue and green seats. >> jacqueline: here is a look the futurecast. and to the to a cook a were the rule. into the 10o'clock hour the rain lingering over... spotty shower will remain as we make our way into the morning commute.
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temps will still be cooler in the low to mid 60's... in places like concord, north bay and san francisco >> pam: >> jacqueline:another storm system mov hoting in friday with more rain. >> pam:one year later. and stronger than ever.
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>> pam:comiing up. an emotional day as the first boston marathon take place.following last years deadly bombing. >> pam:plus: a close up look at the brand new turf at the new clara. >> reporter:
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>> reporter:new tonight at 8 . it's never fun to see these images on your phone low battery warnings >> reporter:it turns out one of the most popular mobile apps could be one of the biggest battery drainers. >> reporter:facebook >> reporter:so i want to
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point out a couple easy setting changes you can do on your phone to improve your battery life this example is for an i=phone >> reporter:this is first screen that pops up when you launch settings on your i=phone >> reporter:1. after opening "settings" --- you click on "general" 2. then you click on "background app refresh" 3. then you look for the facebook icon hit this button over to the left turning it off. >> reporter:- i posted this and one other setting change on kron 4 dot com on my tech page. with detailed step by step directions so, if you're iphone battery has trouble making it through the day check out my page. make the settings changes. it should help. gabe slate kron 4 news. >> pam:still ahead-- drone strikes kill dozens of militants in yemen. and it's not over yet. details on who is being targeted. plus: there is a new product to give people a buzz. powdered alcohol. but will you see it in stores? that story ahead.
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>> pam: they're called a modern day "bonnie and clyde". with bay area ties. we know where they will be spending some time tonight. oh, air canada! >> pam: why the airline is facing a publicity nightmare. and next: new details emerging about the santa clara boy, who survived a flight from san jose to hawaii. hiding out in the wheel well of a jet plane. >> jacqueline: more rain covera ifge expected t
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>> pam:now at 8:30-- >> pam:a major airport security concern. after a south bay teen stowaway, miraculously survived a five- hour flight inside an airplane's wheel well. >> pam:he flew from san jose to hawaii in the wheel well of a hawaiian airlines boeing- 767 on sunday. >> pam:the 15-year-old santa clara boy was able to get onto the tarmac at san jose minneta airport. and slip into a wheel well on the jetliner. without anyone catching him. >>".ramp from there." >> pam:the f-b-i says, he will not face federal charges. >> pam:tonight -- he is in custody of child welfare services in hawaii. his family has been notified. san jose airport officials say, they are reviewing security measures with the
8:31 pm
t-s-a to determine whether any changes need to be made. to prevent this from happening again. >> reporter: >>it's almost a miracle >> reporter:5 hours with temps outside dipping below 0. even if he did not get crushed he could have passed
8:32 pm
out and died. >> >> reporter:despitethe hazzard some people do survive >> reporter:this story is popular and we definitely update here on kron4 >> reporter: >> pam:the sad procession of bodies continues. at the site of the sunken ferry in south korea. at least 87 bodies have been recovered - but since
8:33 pm
wednesday's rescues. no one else has been found alive. the bodies are taken to tents - for relatives to identify. >> pam:about 220 people are still missing -- many of them teenagers. monday - south korea's president blasted the ferry captain and members of his crew. it was an angry public statement. suggesting they were murderers. >> reporter:the ferry captain is facing a list of criminal charges including negligence and abandoning his boat. >> pam:prosecutors announced today. four other crew members have now been detained. that is in addition to the captain and two crew members. who were detained earlier >> pam:dozens of militants have been killed in a massive anti-terror operation in yemen. and it's not over yet. jim sciutto has the details on who is being targeted.
8:34 pm
>> reporter:yemeni officials are calling the operation massive and unprecedented, killing at least 65 militants tied to the feared al qaeda affiliate "al qaeda in the arabian peninsula", with more raids still under way. >> reporter:elite yemeni units on the ground.backed by drone from the skies. two separate strikes this weekend targeted senior members of the group. though american officials have refused to comment, the u.s. is the only country known to operate drones in yemen. >>we don't comment on the details of counter-terrorism collaboration with our foreign partners, so i don't have more to share with you, but of course, as i noted, we have a strong working relationship. >> reporter:terror analysts tell cnn that an operation of this scope would be unlikely without high- ranking terror leaders on the target list. >> reporter:believed to be among them. ibrahim al- asiri, master bomb maker known for designing the 2009 christmas day underwear bomb. and more recently, suspected of refining the design for shoe bombs to get them past airport security. no identities of those killed have yet been confirmed.
8:35 pm
>>they're the ones who created inspire magazine that inspired boston bombers. the fact of the administration is going aggressively against these terrorists is a very positive sign, given the prior narrative that 'al qaeda's on the run and this is all over. >> reporter:the drone strikes come just a week after cnn aired a video showing a large and bold gathering of the group in broad daylight near to where the current operation is underway. >> reporter:us intelligence officials consider the group a direct and growing threat to americans. >> pam:a day of remembrance and renewal today in boston. tens of thousands of runners. and more than one million cheering spectators. all joining to reclaim their city's beloved marathon from the shadow of terror. catherine heenan reports.
8:36 pm
>>we are coming back here to finish what we started. >> catherine:and a group of runnners met this morning in san francisco to hold their own mini-marathon. >> pam:around 200 people ran a total of four -miles in honor of those running in
8:37 pm
the boston marathon today. they ran a loop from the ferry building to aquatic park and back. >> jacqueline:everyone wore the colors of the boston marathon. blue and yellow. >> pam:a palo alto man had to be rescued by two helicopters yesterday in yosemite national park. park officials say the 26- year-old fell 30-feet while climbing with a partner in the park's cathedral mountain range. >> pam:he suffered serious injuries and needed a california highway patrol helicopter to get him off the mountain. the man was then taken in another helicopter to memorial medical center in modesto. the c-h-p says this is the second helicopter yosemite has seen in two weeks. plus: >> reporter: released in
8:38 pm
2011, then finding herself in trouble again for shop lifting. the 28-year old will be back in court next week. >> pam: the u-s postal service will be putting former san milk on a stamp.
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>> jacqueline:the tail end of the system off shore. nothing really dramatic. temps will be much cooler despite sunshine. hayward, freemont and concord can see
8:42 pm
sme some rain. >> jacqueline:sunny skies but a lot cooler tomorrow. temps will drop overnight and more snow for the sierra the >> jacqueline:heading into friday ...a stronger system moving in and will rebound
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into te weekend. we will be dry and in the 70's. >> pam:jason is up next with sports!
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>> reporter:good evening everyone. warriors making news on and off the court >> reporter:earlier today we learned they have scrapped their plans for a waterfront stadium in san francisco. >> reporter:instead opting for a new site.also in the city but about a mile down the road on 3rd street at 16th.a site called mission bay.after purchasing that 12 acre chunk of land from salesforce-dot-com. >> reporter:apparently just too many obstacles to the previously proposed site near at&t park at piers 30 and 32. a lot of fanfare when they announced those plans along the embarcadero. >> reporter:.that arena
8:46 pm
would have had spectacular bay bridge views and an open air walkway along the waterfront. thing is now clear.the warriors will be leaving oakland.likely in time for the 2018 season. >> reporter: kevin durrant down by 4 ... it goes in! guy >> reporter:we go to overtime 107-105
8:47 pm
>> reporter:phil jackson made his first move as the new york knicks head honcho. firing head coach mike woodson and his entire coaching staff >> reporter:not that it was unexpected. the knicks failed to make the playoffs this year and jackson wants to bring in his guys moving forward. and one of his guys is steve kerr.who calls games for tnt.kerr on the left with the pink tie. >> reporter:kerr used to play for jackson when he coached the bulls.and is believed to be the front- runner to replace woodson. >> reporter:some raider news up top. one-time starting quarterback terrelle pryor has been traded. the raiders sending pryor the seattle seahawks for a 7th round draft pick.
8:48 pm
>> reporter:the center piece of the 49ers levi's stadium in santa clara was installed today. crews finished putting down turf on the new field. the project took a total of two days and was finished over the weekend and unveiled today bandera grass because it's designed to help players have better footing on the field.
8:49 pm
it also uses half the water of normal grass. the stadium is expected to open in august for a soccer match. but it looks like they could play a game there today! >> reporter:all eyes on the boston marathon today. nearly 32,000 runners for the start of the race with boston strong pennants every as the city took a major step in healing from last year's tragedy. >> reporter:this next story is a bit bizarre. and downright ugly.
8:50 pm
it involves a cop tripping high school students.literally tripping them. return to index of >> reporter:he is now under investigation. >> pam:po[doorbell rings] hey. hey. what's this? it's u-verse live tv. with at&t u-verse... you can watch live tv from your device. hey. hey. anywhere in your home. [doorbell rings] hey. hey. so you won't miss a minute of the game. call now to get a u-verse bundle for the same great price for 2 years. guaranteed.
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>> reporter: the and willnew product... powder booze
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>> reporter:the company is awaiting the greenlight! japan and europe have powder booze avail in thier stor es, so it's not new. >> reporter: >>video >> reporter:20 foot drop!
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>> reporter:air canada says it is very sorry for their actions. >> reporter: youtube sensation. lights the match and start the fire. apparently, this ape likes
8:56 pm
marshmallows >> pam:that is amazing >> reporter:it is so impressive- so human like >> reporter:leaving you with a couple of intersting videos >> pam:this one is so sweet >> pam:that's it for the kron 4 news at 8.
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stay connected with kron 4 and get latest news developments at or download one of our mobile apps. our next newscast is tonight at 11 o'clock. see you then. goodnight. female narrator: for over 60,000 california foster children female narrator: for over 60,000 california a pair of shoes is a small but important gift. my shoes have a hole in them. i can barely fit in these anymore. i hope no one would notice. they hurt my feet.
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